How to boost our cell phone signal at home

How to boost our cell phone signal at home

Today, smartphone has become the most important tool for people to chat, socialize and work. The latest research shows that 97.5% of Americans have a mobile phone, and nearly 6 out of 10 Americans use their phones to surf internet. With the development of various social media apps (such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok), cell phones play a more critical role in people's daily life.

However, not everyone has a good cell phone signal at home. Dropped calls and slow data speeds are always appear in daily life. This article will let you understand why is there a weak signal at home and how can you boost your signal at home. Get 5 tips for doing so below, including our top tip for creating a reliable and strong cell signal.

Why is there a weak signal at home?

  1. Location of cell tower

The distance between your home and the cell tower directly affects the strength of outdoor signals. If your home is far from the cell tower, the signals that reaches your home will not be very strong, not even receiving a signal at all (we call such area dead zone). You can know the strength of signal by checking dbm reading.

  1. Obstructions

Some people live not far from the tower, but the received signals are still very weak. That's because the signals from the cell tower may be blocked by some obstructions. These obstructions may be trees, mountains, buildings or even big rock.

  1. Building material

If the outdoor signals are strong enough but the indoor signals are weak, the building material may be the real reason of this problem. Especially for metal buildings, cell phone signals can hardly enter the house. That’s because the cell phone signal is an electromagnetic wave and it will be blocked by mental.

  1. Low-Emissivityglass

Nowadays, the low-e glass is used in most houses because of the weather resistant. The low-e glass can reflect light but also reflect cell phone signals. So some people like to open the window and stand at the window to use their phones when the signals are weak in the house.


Although there are many reasons for the weak signal in the house, you have a few options for boost your cell phone signal. We will recommend 5 tips for doing so below, including the best tip for getting a reliable and strong cell signal.


5 tips for boosting indoor cell phone signal

  1. Change the location where you use the phone

If the outdoor signal is strong, going outside is the most direct way. Building material and low-e glass both effect cell phone signal, so going outside make you no longer thinks about those problems.

Advantage: Free.

Disadvantage: It isn’t convenient for you to call or send message anytime.

  1. Change your cell phone carrier

Different carriers may have different coverage and cell towers. If the new carrier’s cell tower is closer to your home, the outdoor signal will be improved.

Advantage: If you choose the right carrier, the outdoor signal will be improved significantly.

Disadvantage: 1.It’s difficult for you to decide which carrier is more suitable for you. 2.If your building material is mental, even the outdoor signals are improved, the indoor signals won’t be improved.

  1. Use wifi calling

Nowadays, a lot of smartphones support wifi calling. Wifi calling enables you to cal or send message without SIM card.

Advantage: Wifi calling can be used in “dead zone”( The area has almost no cell phone signal).

Disadvantage: Not all phones support wifi calling and the scope of use is limited.

  1. Use a 3G network

Most people use their phones with 4GLTE network so that 4G signal will be divided by them and there isn’t enough signals arrive at your house. If you use a less busy 3G network, the cell phone signal may be improved.

Advantage: Free and easy

Disadvantage: slower data speeds

  1. Buy a cell phone signal booster

Compared with other methods, buying a cell phone signal booster is a more effective method to get stable and strong signal. Cell phone signal booster is a device which is able to boost indoor cell phone signal. The product picks up outdoor signals by outside antenna, boosts outdoor signals by booster and broadcast boosted signals inside by inside antenna. The product supports 5G network, all carriers, multi-device and multi-user, so everyone in family can enjoy strong signal simultaneously.


     1. The booster transports signals by cable so building material and low-e                 glass window don’t effect booster and boosted signals.

  1. A booster can meet the demand of the whole family and support all carriers.
  2. Even if the outdoorsignal is very weak, the amplifier can still boost the signal 
  3. A booster can use a long time.
  4. Different boosters have different coverage and different antenna, you can choose the most suitable booster according to your situation.

Disadvantage:1. It’s not free. 2. If there isn’t a signal outside, none of boosters can help you. All boosters only boost signal and can’t create signal.


Choose the most suitable booster for you and your family

Our company have different types of boosters for home, office, vehicle, truck, RV and so on.  Our boosters have a three-year manufacturers warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and perfect after-sales service.

Less money, higher quality.

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