Solid RF - Cell Phone Signal Booster

Improve cell signal in your home for less dropped calls

Solid RF -  Cell Phone Signal Booster

Improve cell signal in your home for less dropped calls

Don't settle for poor cell signal

Modern construction techniques and energy efficient materials are very effective at keeping homes at the right temperatures but those same materials and techniques are also effective at blocking cellular signals from reaching devices in your home.

The location of your home such as your distance from a cellular tower or being obstructed by natural obstacles like hills, mountains, or forest will also impact and reduce the strength of cell phone signal reaching your home.

Cell signal booster kits help cellular signal to bypass external materials of your home through a series of antennas and cable.

Cellular boosters also strengthen the weakened signal with a cellular amplifier to ensure you get a strong reliable signal. 

  • No More Missed Calls & Poor Signal Performance

  • Stronger Signal, Better Data Speeds

  • Clear Reliable Streaming

Family enjoying better signal from cell booster in their home
Diagram of cell phone booster system in a house
Situations a cell phone booster for a house can resolve
  • Complete Kit

    Everything you need to ensure you enjoy strong reliable cell phone signal throughout your home
  • Support

    Industry professionals with real experience in cell booster design and installation
  • Multi-Carrier Capatibility

    SolidRF cell phone boosters are designed to work with all the major carriers and most minor carriers.

See What our Customers are Saying

Have a mobile hotspot - but in my new home absolutely NO signal. Not even 1 bar! Placed the antenna in the roof pointing towards cell tower (miles away). Hooked everything else up. 5G internet, streaming; yay! Our phones get the same advantages. It really works!!!

Jesper Vork

For some odd reason, we have had 1 bar in our home for years. Next door neighbors have no problems. We have relied on Wi-Fi calling but that too is sometimes unreliable. Several times a week we have to leave our home, walk about half a block, in order to have a reliable conversation on the iPhone. Usually we can hear them, but they cannot hear us. The signal strength in our home is about 115 dBm. On soft install, the unit brought the signal strength all the way to 73 dBm. After hard install, it is about 86 dBm on channel 2. Maybe its because the dome is now on a high ceiling and when we did the soft install it was at counter level, and the outdoor antenna has to be below roof level. We overlap with channel 66 which this device doesn't support, and it's dBm is variable. Also, we live in about a 3000 square foot home, the the signal booster covers less than half that. It has it's limitations, but now if we make calls in our living room (where the dome is), we have 5 bars and no problems with connections. Lastly, many of the booster companies advertise "installs in minutes." Expect a least a full day and the right tools to get the cable from outside to inside. Also, read the installation book cover to cover before you start.

Thomas J Evans

We live in the mountains and was a Verizon customer for 15 years and was tired of the monthly prices! So we switched to straight talk and needed a cell booster and it works GREAT!! Easy to put together and aim from web ! Didn’t use tech support !