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  • The RV Travel Kit Cell Phone Signal Booster works on an RV in the desert
  • RV Travel Kit
  • The SolidRF RV Travel Kit is the first waterproof, all-weather rooftop RV booster
  • Cover two areas inside the RV with dual interior antennas
  • RV Travel Kit
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Powerful Cell Phone Signal Booster-Boosts 3G 4G LTE & 5G for all U.S. & Canadian Networks

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  • On Roof All Weather(-30F to 160F) Mobile Booster. Maximum Communication Distance Range Up To 5~8 Miles. Suitable For Remote Area. Work For Band 12/13/5/2/4/25 Compatible With All US & Canada Carriers, Including: AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Fido, Sasktel, MTS, Etc Across North America
  • Dual-Interior Antenna Serves As A Complete, In-vehicle, Connectivity Solution Whether On The Road Or Stationary. Cover Two Areas Inside The RV. Both The Living Area And The Cab Have a Stable Signal Coverage Effect. Applicable For ClassA/C, Conventional Trailer, Fifth Wheel
  • Unique Tru5 Technology Separate Band12 And Band 13 Maximum Supportable Data Download/Upload Speed Up To 40Mbps For AT&T/T-mobile And Verizon The Same Time. Boosts Voice, Text And Data Signals The Same Time. Reliable Cell Signal And More Consistent Data Speeds, Faster Data Downloads. Perfect Cell Phone Signal Booster For RV Over 30 Feet. Enhance Signal Up To 100x (20dB). Multi User Concurrent: Smart Phone, Pad, Data Modem All Connected Directly Same Time
  • FCC Approved, Automatic Adjust System Gain And Power Level To Get The Best Communication Result. No Manual Intervention Needed. Easy Setup, All The Installation Could Be Done In One Hour By 2 People
  • With Better Receive Signal, The Cell Phone Will Reduce Output Power, This Can Significantly Reduce The Transmission Power Of The Mobile Phone And Reduce The Electromagnetic Radiation To The Human Body. At The Same Time, Improve The Standby Time Of Mobile Phone Batteries Up To 2 Hours Additional


Kit Includes

Booster & Mounting Brackets

Booster & Mounting Brackets

    • All weather on roof booster. Featuring a high gain amplifier (55 dB), Tru5 Band enhanced internal circuitry.

    • The mounting bracket is made of #304 stainless steel, which is very strong and not easy to rust in any environment.

Roof Antenna & Bracket

Roof Antenna & Bracket

    • 3 dBi 698 MHz - 960 Mhz

    • 5 dBi 1710 MHz - 2170 MHz

    • Strong, shock absorbing spring, suitable for bumpy roads, rough trails, able to withstand moderate branch-strikes

    • The bottom of the antenna is made of #304 stainless steel, which is very strong and not easy to rust in any environment

Interior Antennas, DC/AC Adapter

Interior Antennas, DC/AC Adaptor

    1. Little size on indoor antennas, random change of placement

        1. Separate inside antennas for driving area and living area

        1. Have your cake and eat it to! No need to choose a single area where you want a boosted signal

    1. We are equipped with DC cigarette lighter power supply and AC adapter at the same time, customers can choose according to their needs.

Cables, DC Power Feeder & Splitter

Cables, DC Power Feeder & Splitter

    1. 20 Feet + 1 Foot + 2 - 15 Feet RG58 professional industry level quality, ultra low loss. It can be flexibly combined.

    1. The high-performance distributor divides the signal into two channels. Feeds the DC power into the cable at the same time.

Outdoor Antenna and Booster Installation

Attach The Mounting Bracket To The Roof

Attach The Mounting Bracket To The Roof

Mount the bracket using adhesive

    1. Using a detergent or alcohol, thoroughly clean the adhesive surface of the mounting bracket and the corresponding location on the roof of the RV.

    1. Apply at least 100 ml of adhesive (purchased separately) to the bottom surface of the bracket.

    1. Align the bottom of the bracket with the desired location on the roof of the RV.

    1. Allow the adhesive to set and solidify for at least 24 hours. Do not install the antenna/booster or move the frame of the bracket during this time.

Assembling the Outdoor Antenna

Assembling the Outside Antenna

    1. Cable through the spring bracket

    1. Connect cable to the antenna

    1. Assemble spring bracket to antenna

    1. Finished.

Attach Outside Antenna to Bracket

Attach Outside Antenna to Bracket

Fasten the antenna to the antenna bracket with accessories shown.

Install Booster and Outdoor Antenna

Install Booster and Outdoor Antenna

Install the booster and antenna as shown

    1. Antenna with bracket assembling to booster.

    1. Booster and antenna install to the roof mounting bracket.

Cable the System

Connect the outside antenna cable to the booster

Connect the outside antenna cable to the booster.

Make sure the connector is properly aligned with the port of the amplifier. Screw in the connection. Make sure the connection is secure.

Connect the Feeder & Splitter to the booster

Connect the Feeder & Splitter to the booster

    1. Connect 20 foot cable to the booster.

    1. Connect the same cable to the Power Feeder & Splitter.

Connect the two indoor antennas to the Power Feeder & Splitter

Connect the two indoor antennas to the Power Feeder & Splitter

    • Whether the cable is properly secured is very important for the entire system. In most cases, customers find that the booster did not work after working for a period of time because the cable was not securely installed.

    • Carefully arrange the cable along the inside of the RV and ensure that there are not folds or kinks. Fix the cable at each corner.

Power On

Power on

Use the DC cigarette lighter power supply or AC adapter to turn on the system. If everything is normal, the LED indicator will turn green.


RV cell phone signal booster with dual interior antennas for large Class A/C vehicles, conventional trailers and fifth wheel trailers. The perfect cell phone signal booster for RVs over 30 feet. Supports Verizon, AT&T and all other U.S. carriers. Boosts your cell phone signal up to 100X.

    • Our on roof all weather (-30F to 160F) mobile booster can increase your communication distance range up to 5 - 8 miles.

    • Suitable for remote areas.

    • Works for Band 12/13/5/2/4/25. Unique Tru5 technology separates Band 12 and Band 13.

    • Compatible with all US & Canadaian cell phone carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile/Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Bell, Telus, Rogers, Fido, Sasktel, MTS and others.

    • Dual-interior antenna serves as a complete, in-vehicle connectivity solution, whether you're on the road or parked. The dual-interior antenna covers two areas inside the RV, including both the living area and the cab, so you'll get a stable signal coverage effect.

    • Maximum supportable data download/upload speed of up to 40 Mbps. Boosts voice, text and data signals at the same time — even when you're using different cell phone service providers.

    • Multi-user concurrent: Use your smartphone, tablet or laptop, all connected directly at the same time.

    • Automatically adjusts the power level to get the best communication result with no manual intervention needed.

    • Easy setup means that installation can be done in one hour by two people.

    • With a better signal, your cell phone will reduce output power. This can significantly reduce the transmission power of the mobile phone and reduce the electromagnetic radiation to the human body. At the same time, a better signal improves the standby time of mobile phone batteries and increases battery life by up to two hours.

    • FCC approved.