Solid Connectivity is our obsession - creating for innovation

Innovation never ends. SolidRF has always been adhering to elaborately researching and developing by our and preeminent engineers, it has already formed the entire industry chain covering product design, research and development, manufacturing and technical support service. Starting from every detail, we strive for product innovation and customer satisfaction continuously, contributing to our customers to experience the perfect signal connection. -Since 2005

  • K1 Pro Kit

    I installed this, which took about 2 hours, and instantly had full LTE service in the cottage. No issues now making phone calls. The speed of the internet increased from about 1-2 MBS to over 30MBS. This is worth every penny.

  • RV Truck Kit

    It works flawlessly in my truck, but I bought it more so for when I am camping and plug it into my trailer. It will take me from 1 bar 3g to full LTE at times. Spots where my signal drops, it keeps full strength.

  • Signal Plus Kit

    We were amazed that we went from 1 to 3 and often 4 bars immediately. On both floors even, but our place is quite open. Set up was easy, followed the comprehensive instructions. Excellent quality and durable components.