How to choose the best cell phone signal booster for you

How to choose the best cell phone signal booster for you

Now that most of us has a phone. We use our phones to work or get in touch with others from home. So the signals of your cell phone are the top priority for us. If you have a weak signal or even no signal in your home, a cell phone signal booster will help you enjoy stronger signals.

The principle of cell phone signal booster is very easy. The booster usually consists of three parts: outside antenna, inside antenna and booster. The outside antenna captures outdoor signal and transmits them into the booster through cable. The booster processes and boost the incoming signals, and then the inside antenna broadcasts boosted signals to the whole house. In a word, instead of relying on small antenna in your cell phone, the bigger and more advanced antenna can receive more signals easily. In addition, many people have a strong signal outside, but the materials of the house, obstruction and other things may hinder the transmission of signals so that they have a weak signal in their house. In this case, a cell phone booster helps them better, because the booster transmits through cable.

Before you buy the product, please pay attention to one thing: the frequency band of your cell phone. Because not all bands are approved by FCC. For example, T-Mobile's band 71 is never approved by FCC. It is important for you to check the band of your cell phone.

After you checked the band of your phone, you may find there are so many types of booster and the price ranges from 200 to 1500 dollars. And then we will show you how to choose the best cell phone signal booster for you.

The type of antenna

The type of antenna is a key factor. Please choose the most suitable antenna according to your actual situation. The outside antennas include the omnidirectional antenna and the directional antenna. The omnidirectional antenna can receive signals from every direction (beam angle is 360°), and it’s not necessary for you to know the location of cell tower. The directional antenna receive signals from specific location (beam angle is 90°), so you need to know the location of the cell tower and the antenna should point forward the cell power. But the directional antenna can receive signal from longer distance accurately. The type of outside antenna is not directly related to the price, but the number of outside antenna is. Our company has a special product( Speed Pro Plus 1088 dollars) which has four outside antenna in one outdoor unit, so the product is able to receive the most signals and has the longest reception distance. That’s why it is the flagship product and has the highest price.

The inside antenna has more types, such as omnidirectional antenna, directional wall-hanging antenna and omnidirectional ceiling antenna. The type of inside antenna isn’t directly related to the price, the number of inside antennas is. We have a product including two inside antenna (signal+ 399 dollars) which is more suitable for 2-story house. Please choose the antenna according to your actual demand.

The coverage of a booster  

The coverage is a decisive factor in your choice. The larger coverage of the booster, the higher the price. Please make sure the coverage you need. If the coverage is smaller than your house, office or warehouse, You will not enjoy the best effect of the booster. Our products have different coverage from 1500sqft to 15000sqft. The most choice are provided for you.

The number of bands,network and carriers

The number of bands, network and carriers also affect the price of a booster. The more bands, network and carriers supported, the higher the price. Most of our product support 5 bands (12/13/17/5/2/25/4). Band 17 is included in band 12, band 25 is included in band 2. All our products support 3G, 4GLTE, 5G and all carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, U. S. Cellular and so on.


The advanced function and the maximum gain of a booster

Most cell phone boosters don’t have the advanced function. If the booster has an advanced function, the price of it will be higher than those without an advanced function. For example, H&C has a band switch function which can let you turn off the bands you don’t need and retain the band you need, its price is 299 dollars. The price of the booster is also affected by its maximum gain. Our flagship product’s maximum gain is up to 75dB, and most of our products have 70dB maximum gain. The maximum gain will be reflected on the boost effect of the booster. A high maximum gain will have a better effect.


The type of boosters

The booster can be used not only in the house but also in the vehicle. But the booster for home is not suitable for the vehicle. Different type of boosters have different characteristic. The booster for home have larger coverage and the booster for vehicle have shorter separation distance. We also have a specific product for RV (399 dollars). It is also different from the booster for car. In a word, if you want to buy a booster, you should know where to use it.


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